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Saurav Kothari
[email protected] sinstein +91 95340 82107

Hi, I am Saurav Kothari, a full stack engineer with 6 years of experience building full stack systems as both an IC and a Lead. I consider myself to be an engineer first, developer second; i.e, my goal is to solve problems and technology is one of the tools I utilize to solve them.

Over the past years I have had the opportunity to work across a wide range of business domains from SaaS to e-commerce. I have worked across the stack over components that have been internal facing as well as user facing and I believe I can empathize with the end consumer of my product.

My experience as a Product Engineer has expanded my horizon to understand business goals and how to tie them to tech goals to create a win-win scenario for everyone involved. This involved launching a product from scratch, building a team from the ground up and guiding them to be self sufficient in their contributions.

I have been fortunate to have worked with various languages and frameworks and feel comfortable learning new ones as needed and switching between them on the go.

Languages Ruby, Javascript, TypeScript, Kotlin, Go*
Frameworks Ruby on Rails, Dropwizard, ReactJS
B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering IIT (ISM) Dhanbad 2015 7.5
* elementary proficiency
Tech Lead (Full Stack), Dec 2020 - Present
Domain: Experimentation
Technology: Go, Kubernetes, Google Cloud, TypeScript, ReactJS
  1. Experimentation
    • Designed and developed multi variate experiment support in the in-house experimentation product.
    • Designed and developed a unified session solution to track user journey for accurate analysis of experiment effect on user behaviour.
Product Engineer, May 2019 - Aug 2020
Domain: Logistics, Supply Chain, Warehousing, Accounts Payable, Financial Reconciliation
Technology: Kotlin, TypeScript, Dropwizard, ReactJS, Kubernetes, Azure SQL, Cosmos Db

As a Product Engineer, my responsibilities involved taking ownership of the business goals of the problem area, to build a roadmap for execution and achieving business goals via tech and non-tech solutions.

  1. First Party Procurement
  2. We were building a product that would systemize the procurement process of goods at Udaan. We were purchasing and selling a lot of inventory but all the accounting was done outside the system. The goal was to build first class workflows around purchases, inwarding and reconciliation. This would help identify leaks and gaps in the financial process and prevent any potential for abuse.

    The architecture would include a product master, location master, vendor master, the layer to raise purchase orders for products to vendors, the layer to match the goods received at the Warehouse against open POs and subsequently trigger the relevant financial workflow(s).

    This was a massive overhaul of processes around warehousing, ordering, pricing and accounting. Key stakeholders across each domain were consulted and agreement was reached to roll out pan-india in phases over 6 months. The first warehouse was launched and the process stabilised in 1 month, 7 more were launched over the course of 2 months. Pricing and Ordering workflows were rolled out 100% across two categories with the rest to be ramped up in quick succession.

    • Each location was mapped to kind of goods being bought/sold at location and had an approval matrix that would allow actions to be monitored and approved/rejected centrally
    • Allow financial documents (po, credit notes) to be generated and sent directly to vendors via email
    • Map purchase orders to vendor + location and only allow inwards of matching goods
    • Every inward is checked against open POs for the vendor and only allowed if there is matching line item
    • All deviations from the PO are recorded, staged in warehouse and require additional approval to be inwarded
    • Every inward cycle to trigger the relevant financial workflows including vendor payments, adjustment notes, return notes etc
Software Engineer 2, July 2018 - May 2019
Domain: Logistics, Gig Economy
Technology: Ruby, Go, Rails, Kubernetes, Postgres, Redis
  1. Hive & Logistics
    • Designed and developed a new architecture based on Domain Driven Design (DDD) for saving and presenting products data to users as part of migrating from a store based experience to a storeless experience. This included building a microservice that would communicate with multiple other services to process and present requested data to consumers.
    • Designed and developed a Dynamic Salary System for honestbee deliverers (referred to as Delivery bees). The system takes into account various parameters for payout with support for peak periods and backdated changes.
BrowserStack Inc.
Software Developer, May 2015 - July 2018
Domain: B2B SaaS, Automation
Technology: Ruby, NodeJS, Rails, MySQL, Redis
  1. Automate Team
    • Implemented a tier based segregation for the various device types offered by BrowserStack to allow custom limits on how many can be used at the same time per device per customer. This allowed us to increase the availability of our devices with minimal impact to genuine usage.
    • Designed and developed a diagnosis utility to notify users of errors in their tests based on data from multiple sources which helped reduce the load on the Tech Support team
    • Designed and developed a rule engine to validate and map user sent capabilities with both a back-end validator and front-end for users to explore the full breadth of customizations for their test suites
    • Designed and developed a Redis based caching solution ahead of our primary rails server to prevent spamming from faulty user scripts
    • Used Redis to provide HA of multiple services and async processing which allows us to provide better reliability to our users
    • Developed custom client code on Windows/Android/iOS platforms to provide browser console logs, network logs and other native browser features that allow users to debug their tests with ease
    • Designed and developed a daily summary service for users that would send them a daily digest of their tests on BrowserStack based on their time zone which increased visits to our dashboard by 20% and allowed customers to get notified of potential problems faster
    • Was responsible for optimizing and upgrading our REST API to allow users to modify and batch delete their tests with ease
    • Was responsible for maintaining real-time dashboard of customer tests with options to search and filter
    • Was responsible for maintaining a cross-region uploader service that collects and uploads session logs that can be scattered across multiple machines in multiple regions to S3
  2. Rails Team
    • Wrote various admin endpoints to manage user subscriptions for the Sales team to allow them to become more self-sufficient and reduce strain on engineering resources
    • Wrote an internal newsletter tool for the Marketing team to send targeted newsletters with time zone support to users
    • Maintained payment and order processing across various iterations of pricing plans
    • A/B Testing using external and in-house frameworks
    • Was responsible for the redesign of the website from scratch with the focus on page performance and responsiveness
    • Was responsible for the reskin and redesign of Product Dashboard(s)
    • Analytics and tracking using internal and external data tracking services
Amazon India Pvt. Ltd.
Software Developer Intern, Summer 2014
  1. FC Systems
    • Automated the launch of new FC (Fulfillment Centre) for various services and tools pertaining to my team (Shipment Data Platform). Manual launching of new FC's was time consuming and prone to errors. Automation reduces human intervention and optimizes time.
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